Technical Assessment Board

What is the TAB?

The STAC Technical Assessment Board performs the following functions once an application for accreditation is received from a stack testing organization:

        • Appoints assessor to review application and other initial submissions
        • Votes to approve or deny interim accreditation to applicant
        • Appoints assessor for on-site evaluation
        • Reviews recommendations of assessor
        • Votes to approve or deny final accreditation to applicant
        • Hears initial appeals from applicants
        • Reviews reports of non-compliance from clients or regulatory agencies
        • Determine corrective actions for non-compliance based on STAC policies

The TAB consists of eight members -- five from stack testing organizations and three from users of stack testing services or from regulatory agencies. No two members of the TAB can be from the same organization.

The TAB meets at least once each calendar quarter. Most meetings are by teleconference. However, once each year, the TAB meets in person at the annual meeting of the Source Evaluation Society (SES).

What Are the Qualifications Needed to Serve on the TAB?

Any individual with at least 10 years of experience is eligible to serve on the TAB. For individuals from stack testing organizations, this means 10 years of field experience or in the supervision of field work. For users of stack testing services, this means 10 years experience in contracting for and overseeing stack testing. For individuals from regulatory agencies, this means 10 years of experience in observing stack testing, reviewing stack test protocols and reports, or similar experience.

How Can I Serve on the TAB?

Nominations for the TAB are currently being accepted by the STAC Board of Directors for the next term. Download the nomination form HERE. Follow the directions on the form for submittal to the BOD.

Who is on the Current TAB Board?

To see a list of those currently serving on the TAB Board, click here.

TAB Meeting Minutes