Get Accredited

Getting started is as easy as ABC and only takes 10 minutes.

Step A: download the STAC Accreditation Application.

Step B: download the checklist for the ASTM D7036 standard.

Step C: Purchase a copy of ASTM 7036D.

Overview of Accreditation Program

The diagram below illistrated the relationships of the various parties involved in the STAC accredition process.

The STAC Board of Directors appoints the Technical Assessment Board (TAB). The TAB is the body responsible for making the accreditation decisions. The TAB, in turn designates Technical Assessors, experienced stack testing professionals, to perform the assessments of stack testing companies.

The Source Evaluation Society (SES) is technical advisor to the STAC accreditation process. All current STAC Board of Directors members are also members of SES.

Overview of the Accreditation Process

From the perspective of the stack testing organization (known in the ASTM D7036 standard as the Air Emissions Testing Body or AETB), the process works as follows...

  1. The AETB submits an application package which includes an application form, their Quality Plan, documentation and application fee.
  2. When STAC receives this package, it is forwarded to the TAB and a Technical Assessor (TA) is assigned.
  3. The TA reviews the application package for completeness.If the application is incomplete, the AETB is informed of deficiencies.  Once the application is deemed complete, the AETB is notified and invoiced for the assessment fee.
  4. Upon receipt of the assessment fee, the STAC TA begins the structural assessment process.  Upon completion of the initial review the TA will discuss findings with the AETB.  Following that discussion, the TA will submit a written report to the AETB outlining any issues along with references to the ASTM D7036 standard.  
  5. Once the AETB submits a response that addresses the required issues, the TA will forward the report to the STAC TAB for voting on interim accreditation.
  6. TA will then work with the applicant to arrange for the ON-SITE Functional Assessment. This will be conducted at a location where the applicant is performing a test project.
  7. During the on-site assessment, the performance of the applicant will be assessed against the applicant's own Quality System as represented in the submittals approved in the Interim Accreditation. Any issues will be be provided to the applicant in writing.
  8. Once the AETB submits a response that addresses the required issues, the TA will forward the report to the STAC TAB for voting on accreditation.

For more detailed information on the process, see the STAC Standard Operating Procedures.


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