Accredited Organizations

STAC Accreditation Process

The STAC accreditation process involves three steps:

  1. An application review

  2. A structural assessment that seeks to determine if all of the elements required by ASTM D7036 are in place

  3. A functional assessment that seeks to determine if the AETB is operating in accordance with its quality management system and ASTM D7036.

Once a firm successfully completes the structural assessment, the functional assessment is scheduled.  Initially, STAC granted “Interim Accreditation” to AETBs that had completed the structural assessment.  Once the AETB completed the functional assessment, the AETB was granted “Accreditation.”  This approach was adopted to allow STAC to develop a pool of qualified assessors.

STAC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with A2LA to manage the accreditation process.  Under the terms of this MOU, STAC transferred the administrative responsibilities associated with the assessment process to A2LA, but retained responsibility for technical oversight of the assessment process, including establishing requirements for assessors and approval of STAC accreditation through participation of STAC Technical Assessment Board (TAB) members on the A2LA Accreditation Council (AC).

All the testing firms that had previously achieved interim accreditation and subsequently elected to remain in the process have achieved accredition.

Today, we have two categories of accreditation:

STAC Accredited AETB:  An AETB in this category achieved accreditation to ASTM D7036 by STAC under STAC’s pilot assessment program.  Firms in this category include:

CleanAir Engineering

CK Environmental

Energy and Environmental Measurement Corporation (EEMC)

Golden Specialty Company

Integrity Air Monitoring

STAC/A2LA Accredited AETB:  An AETB in this category achieved accreditation to ASTM D7036 under the terms of the MOU between STAC and A2LA.  Firms in this category are listed on the A2LA Website and include:

Air Hygiene International

Air Kinetics

Airtech Environmental Services

Civil & Environmental Consultants (CEC)

CleanAir Engineering

C.E.M. Solutions


Grace Consulting

Montrose Air Quality Service

Pace Analytical Services

TestAmerica Air Emissions (DBA METCO Environmental)

TRC Environmental Corporation

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